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Institution  Per $ Fees and Comments

Axis Bank

  • $0 fees
  • Indicative Exchange Rate
  • The money can only be transferred in an account with any bank in India
  • Bank transfer (ACH mechanism) takes 3-5 business days
  • Online transfer limits: $ 100 min. and $10,000 max.
  • Doesn't accept Cash, Credit or Debit Cards
  • Other transfer mechanisms include Wire Transfer and DD
Bank of India

  • Rupee TT/Wire Transfers to accounts with BOI Branches irrespective of the amount : 0.00
  • Rupee TT/Wire Transfers to any other Bank irrespective of the amount : USD 20.00
  • TT/Wire Transfers in other Currencies irrespective of the amount and Bank : USD 30.00
  • Indicative Exchange Rate
  • Online bank trasnfer (ACH mechanism) takes 3-5 business days
  • Postage charges - USD 5.00 if you want us to mail the draft. (by certified mail - within USA
  • Cancellation of Draft USD 10.00 plus actual out of pocket expense

  • Fee of Rs 25; Additional Rs. 0.75 per thousand for non-HDFC bank transfers
  • Indicative Exchange Rate
  • Over 1650 locations in India
  • Takes 3 to 4 days. Min: $100 Max: $5000

  • Remittance Service Charge of $2.00 (inclusive of service tax @10.30%) for amounts of $1000 or below
  • Fixed exchange rates
  • ACH mechanism of transfer into any ICICI Bank Remittance card or into any resident Visa Debit Card account issued in India
  • Money deposited into any ICICI bank account with over 2,500 branches in India OR into bank accounts with over 100 banks in India
  • Other Delivery Mechanisms: Demand Draft, Cash
Indian Bank

  • Fee of $9 for $1000 remittance
  • Indicative Exchange Rate
  • Money can be remitted to an account with any of the partner banks or else as a demand draft
  • Remittance limit: $5,000 max.
  • Transfer takes 7 days

  • Fee of $15 for any amount remitted. Fee of $5 for any amount remitted online with the use of promotion code EE72FE02BC
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rate
  • Bank Transfer (ACH mechanism) takes 24-48 hrs for transfer
  • Unlimited amount for bank deposit or draft delivery at home
  • Bank draft delivery at home takes 3 days only
  • Xpress Money option delivers cash at agent locations immediately (Rs. 50,000 max.)
IndusInd Bank

+91- 22- 4406 6666
  • $0 fees to transfer to any Bank in India
  • Exchange rates are guaranteed, locked-in
  • Regular users of IndusFastRemit are automatically upgraded to faster payments
  • Bank uses ACH mechanism to transfer funds
  • It takes 3-4 days before the money is available in the Indian account
  • Other Delivey Mechanisms: By Direct Depost to any IndiusInd Bank account and by Cheque

  • Fee of $5 for $1000 transfer
  • Money can be send to over 90 banks in India
  • Transfer takes 3 working days
  • Other remittance mechanisms include Credit Card, Check and Wire Transfer
  • Transfer limit: $1,000 for Credt Card, no limit for both Check and Wire Transfer
  • Money received in India is either as Direct Credit to the bank, Demand Draft at home or Remit2India's Remittance Card
Royal Exchange

  • Fee of $12 for $1000 remittance
  • Exchange rates are guaranteed, locked-in
  • ACH mechanism to transfer money online
  • Money can be received as cash
  • There are 3300 branches in India
State Bank of India

  • Zero for Transfer to SBI Banks
  • "Instant Transfer" is the real time rupee remittance facility from SBI account outside India to an SBI in India

  • Locked-In Exchange Rate
  • Minimum amount to send $50, Maximum amount $2,500
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Live Web Chat
  • Fee starting at $4.49 and zero for amounts > $1000
  • Bank deposit within 24 hrs, and Cash Pick up in India at over 11,000 locations
  • Accept ACH & Credit Card for payment
  • Remittance can also be made in person at their agent locations
Western Union

  • The rate shown is for the city of Edison in New Jersey, USA. The exchange rate differs depending on the location of transfer (over 47000 locations in US)
  • Rate given at the location of transfer is Guaranteed
  • Money in 3 business days: Fees of $10
  • Best option in case of emergency, money received with-in mins
  • Send money by visiting agent location or online direct bank transfer/credit/debit card
  • Receive money by direct credit to bank account (including NRE/NRO) or cash pick up at a western union agent location

  • No Fee over $1000 transaction. Fee of $4.99 if paid with a US Bank account for $1000 or less and fee of $11.99 if paid with Debit/Credit card for all transactions.
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rate
  • Bank deposits within 4 Hours to most bank accounts in India
  • Other modes of delivery in India: Bank Deposit only
  • Transfer Money to NRE account
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